Pureland Pictures



Emily is a superb director, a skilled storyteller with a distinct visual style and a true collaborator. As a Creative Director, I’m always on the lookout for partners that can help me to develop client needs into truly unique creative solutions. Emily surpassed my expectations by bringing her filmmaking acumen, with virtually no ego, along with an impressively deep understanding of how to capture human emotion - on screen and from the audience. She equipped us with an interpretation of the client ask that was organic, powerful, entertaining, and immensely compelling. Great relationship, great process, great product. I am impatiently anticipating our next opportunity to collaborate. Outside of our work together, I am a huge fan of her films, both narrative and documentary. Her mission of enhancing cross-cultural understanding through compelling film is one I strongly believe in; the fact that she entertains while doing so is a welcome bonus.
— Tarah Feinberg, Chief Customer Officer at KITE
We absolutely love our first mini-doc and now want to do a second. The piece was very moving, visually interesting and it fully captures all the energy of what we do. Emily really helped us figure out what our message was and then rendered it beautifully. It`s been a spectacular fundraising tool and we`re looking forward to seeing what Pureland does for us next!
— Victoria Benson, Executive Director, Harvard’s Women & Public Policy Program
Pureland has once again nailed our client`s [Johnson & Johnson] brand identity and brought our campaign to life. They demonstrated an impressive ability to conceptualize and deliver key market messages and were a pleasure to work with.
— Dina Vitantonio, Agency Producer, Brand New World
Pureland has created two 8-minute documentary-style films for the League for the Hard of Hearing. The final products were just what we were hoping for both times. It was a pleasure to work with the Pureland team, they are professional and impressive filmmakers. We screened the DVD at our annual luncheon and received wonderful, positive feedback.
— Dr. Laurie Hanin, Executive Director, League for the Hard of Hearing
Emily Abt is a pleasure to work with. She’s energetic, creative and sees the big picture.
— Stuart Cohn, Director of Series Development, MTV News & Docs
Working with Pureland is a real treat. Emily’s passion, perseverance, and go-get-it attitude always makes the challenge at hand a pleasure to solve. Be it producing, editing or directing; Pureland gets it done.
— KC Tagliareni, Principal, G2 Worldwide
What I always tell people about Pureland Pictures is that the comfort level they create eases all fear or discomfort of talking or performing in front of the lens. It only takes a moment before one forgets what the lights and camera are all about. It’s like shooting the breeze with old friends. Yet Pureland’s professionalism is top notch with regard to time management, idea fulfillment, and return on investment. Bottom line is, Pureland wraps quality, efficiency, and professionalism in a huge, warm blanket of positivity.
— Ty Hardaway, Internal Communications Manager, Abt Associates Inc.