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Praise for "Toe to Toe"

 “Toe to Toe’s observations about race, class and friendship are clear and accessible without being overly didactic, Ms. Abt provides an unusually honest, compassionate and challenging view of contemporary youth, neither sugarcoated nor prurient.”


“Toe to Toe” springs out with an emotional verve and confidence.”


“Toe to Toe” is unafraid to be challenging and deal with issues that most films skirt.”

-- Melissa Silverstein, HUFFINGTON POST

“Toe to Toe” features unforgettable, standout lead performances”

-- Steve Ramos, INDIEWIRE

“The message that parents/caregivers' availability and level of acceptance affect their own kids' health outcomes is clearly demonstrated by the differing experiences of the two female protagonists in Toe to Toe. Research shows that youth want to have open conversations with their parents about sex and sexuality, and those that do are more likely to have better health outcomes, have later debut with first intercourse, use condoms when they do, and communicate with their own partners to create a healthy relationship. Director Emily Abt created a gripping film demonstrating the realities youth face today, while deftly addressing the importance of parent-child communication.

-- Nicole Maderas, Project Consultant at Bay Area Communities for Health Education

Praise for DADDY DON’T GO

 “Daddy Don’t Go” is a stirring film that derives much of its power from its non-judgmental perspective on its subjects…a nuanced and heartrending work."

-- Nick Schager, VARIETY

“Daddy Don’t Go is arguably one of the year’s most touching documentaries.”

-- Joshua Brunsting, CRITERION

Emily Abt's “Daddy Don't Go” is a sympathetic doc that offers real-world insight into absent-father epidemic.”


"As one of the largest child welfare agencies in the country, The Agency for Children Services (ACS) was thrilled to screen “Daddy Don’t Go” for our staff of professionals who work with fathers everyday. It was a truly eye-opening and inspiring film that made us look at how we serve fathers in a different light." 

-- Sabine Chery, LMSW, Assistant Commissioner, ACS

"Every American must see this film. Why is it so heartbreakingly hard—even impossible—to be a decent dad in America if you’re poor? Daddy Don’t Go should sear the nation’s conscience.”

 -- Kathryn Edin, Bloomberg Distinguished Sociology Professor at Johns Hopkins University

“A subtly but powerfully moving--and at times heartbreaking--film. Fatherhood is seldom portrayed in this light: men fighting to care for their children against challenging circumstances and in staunch defiance of stereotype.”

-- Elena Conis, Professor at the University of Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism

“Daddy Don't Go” paints a necessary mosaic of fatherhood through the inspiring stories of four New York City fathers. As an agency, Fathers Incorporated is strengthen by films like this. “Daddy Don't Go” gives voice and context to the much needed work of building stronger families by investing in building stronger fathers."

-- Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director, Fathers Incorporated

“Abt helps us see her subjects as individuals, introducing us to devoted and loving fathers who are up against tremendous odds, while shining light on their struggles and triumphs. A powerful film that serves as a corrective to fixed and oversimplified notions of fatherhood.”

-- Justin Remais, Associate Professor at the University of Berkeley, School of Public Health

Praise for all ALL OF US

“This powerful, conceptually sure film is a model of documentary method and compassionate social filmmaking. What lends “All of Us” such unusual force is the candor with which Dr. Mandefro turns her investigation on herself.  This blurring of the doctor-patient divide shows the common ground all women have in negotiating bedroom politics and elevates this movie into a striking feminist inquiry."


"Prepare to be surprised and enlightened. As the title aptly suggests, this is a film and subject matter that concerns just about everyone. "All of Us" doesn't patronize its viewers. The film is a stark eye-opener, and can prompt a frank and all-too-needed discussion on an awkward topic that happens to be a matter of life and death."

-- Martain Tsai, THE NEW YORK SUN

"Ms. Abt brings out the best in her subjects: Tara and Chevelle and their partners are fully realized, not just poster children for the cause. Ms. Abt said she made the film to “spark dialogue and social change especially among young women who are on the frontlines of tremendous personal risk.” Now let’s just hope they’ll go and see it."

-- Sarah Vilkomerson, THE NEW YORK OBSERVER

"A riveting, documentary by Emily Abt takes the time to dig in deeper to how the HIV/AIDS epidemic has morphed into a killer of African American women. The women who share their stories in "All of Us" are so incredibly brave and impressive and have spoken out so that what happened to them doesn't happen to girls and young women.”


Praise for TAKE IT FROM ME

“With sympathy but without condescension, “Take It From Me” illuminates the complexity of poverty and the erroneous simplicity of much government policy… a powerful, heartfelt documentary.”

-- Julie Salamon, THE NEW YORK TIMES

 “Take It From Me” has scenes with more emotional impact than dozens of government reports. Bottom line: Take It Seriously.”

-- Terry Kelleher,  PEOPLE MAGAZINE

“Anyone who seeks to understand poverty should see this film.”

-- Professor David Ellwood, Harvard Kennedy School

“Take It From Me” is riveting - the visual equivalent of a book you can’t put down.”

-- Professor Peter Edelman, Georgetown University Law Center