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All of us 

In the South Bronx, a young doctor embarks on a research project to find out why black women are being infected with the HIV virus at an alarming rate. Dr. Mehret Mandefro takes us into the lives and relationships of two of her female patients, Chevelle and Tara, as they identify and struggle with the social factors that put them at risk.

“All of Us” aired on Showtime in 2008 as their 2008 World AIDS Day Film.

All of Us” is a powerful, conceptually sure film that is a model of documentary method and a striking feminist inquiry.
All of Us” is a stark eye-opener...
— Martain Tsai, THE NEW YORK SUN
All of Us” is a riveting, documentary that takes the time to dig in deeper to how the HIV/AIDS epidemic has morphed into a killer of African American women.
— Melissa Silverstein, WOMEN & HOLLYWOOD