Emily with students from the High School for Public Service in Brooklyn, New York.

Emily with her students from the Social-Issue Filmmaking course she teaches at Princeton University.


Emily has spoken about her films at universities, colleges, conferences, film festivals and non-profits throughout the nation.


You've Got a Story to Tell: How to Make a Documentary That Gets Seen

What Happens After Sundance? One Filmmaker's Journey

Picasso Was a Businessman Too: Making Art and Making a Living

Self-Distribution in Action: A Filmmaker's Unconventional Success Story

Race Relations on the Film Set: A Case Study

Diary of a Feminist Filmmaker: The Story Comes First

HIV Prevention Among Women

Welfare Reform: Did It Work?

Why Progressives Should Embrace Abstinence Too



Princeton University

University of Southern California

Center for American Progress

NYU (Bronfman Center & Fusion Film Festival)

92Y Tribeca

The State University of New York - Binghamton

The Omega Institute

Depaux University

Cleveland State University

Brooklyn Law School

The City University of New York

Women, Action & the Media Conference (WAM)

Liberty Fund Conference

Montclair University

Bronx Community College

New York Film Academy

York College

Brooklyn Public Library

"Emily Abt truly inspired and encouraged the members of USC Women's Student Assembly. Her lively enthusiasm and desire to empower her fellow women and teach them about the film industry helped make our panel event a huge success. She has an amazing creative energy that immediately ignites a passion for both feminism and filmmaking."

Emilia Ana Cosma

Executive Director of the Women's Student Assembly, University of Southern California

"The response to Emily and her film has been incredibly enthusiastic. She was so gracious about meeting with classes as well as individual students. Emily did a great job and at this point in their lives, hearing the right thing from the right person can have life altering effects on young people."

Catherine Fruhan

Professor of Gender Studies, Depaux University

"My students were so moved by Emily's film ALL OF US but perhaps most valuable was her presence following the screening. The kids had a lot of questions and she guided them through an extremely valuable discussion. She engaged them on how the issues in the film effected their own lives and empowered them to do something about it."

Nirvani Bissessar

Teacher at the High School for Public Service, Brooklyn, NY

"The Women's Initiative was honored to have the opportunity to feature Emily during Fusion Film Festival 2010 as her involvement in our inaugural alumnae night made it a valuable and inspiring event. she commanded the audience with her open candor during the discussion as well as showcasing her positive tenacity through industry obstacles. The conversation was lively and inspiring for both alumnae and students, and she encouraged everyone with the charge to show up with unwavering commitment."

Lauren Carrescia

Assistant Director of Affinity Programs, New York University

"Emily Abt's films interrogate the intersections of gender, race and class with a truly contemporary and complex lens. The defining moments that animate every one of her films spark conversations both deep in their emotional resonance and wide in their intellectual breadth. She is the ultimate feminist provocateur."

Courtney Martin

Co-Author of The Shriver Report, Senior Correspondent for The American Prospect Online

"Emily Abt is the filmmaker we've been waiting for. Her work crackles with authentic inquiry and a sincere commitment to exploring the textured, complex lives of girls and women."

Rachel Simmons,

Author of "Odd Girl Out" and "The Curse of the Good Girl"